Why FundMeNaija

FundMeNaija is the top online fundraising platform that helps turn your passions into reality. We believe that every individual can make a difference and we are committed to empowering our users through tools and resources. Join our community of change-makers to create a brighter future together!

What sets FundMeNaija apart


FundMeNaija helps people make a positive change. We have a team that works hard to keep you and your money safe when you donate. We want to protect you from fraud and make sure your donation makes a big difference. We have been doing this for eight years and many people trust us. We promise to use your money in the right way. Join us today and make a difference!


Join FundMeNaija and make a big difference in the lives of families in crisis. Let's create a brighter future for everyone. Even a small contribution can help. Join us today.


FundMeNaija is a platform that helps people raise money easily. We have tools that are easy to use, like a mobile app, and we can help you manage the people you are raising money for. We also have team fundraising, so you can make a bigger impact with others. Come join us and help make a difference, one fundraiser at a time.


FundMeNaija makes it easy for you to tell your story to more people using email, text, and social media in order to get more supporters for your cause. We also have a team that can help you get your story out to the media and their community.


If you need help, FundMeNaija's customer care team is ready for you. They are experts who are there to answer your questions and give you advice every step of the way. They care about your questions and will give you a fast and kind reply.

The FundMeNaija team makes sure that money raised on the platform goes to the right fundraiser. They have a special team called Trust and Safety that works with important people like government officials to make sure the money is real and goes to the right place.

FundMeNaija: Powered by donors™

At FundMeNaija, we’re honored that many people ask us for support in need. Our donors are an amazing group of people who help out their friends and even strangers with ease. When they choose to leave us a tip, we use it to run our company and make sure everything is efficient, safe, and secure for everyone involved. The good things our donors do create a ripple effect and change peoples’ lives. Our goal is to help make the world a better place and be a force for good. We appreciate your kindness and generosity.

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